We call it a NexGen home!

You heard it right! TekNinja can help you to transform your home into a smart home. Now manage your home with Smart devices such as Alexa, Google Home.. just say Alexa..do this for me..

Simple To Set Up & use

Turning your home into a smart home is as simple as ordering a pizza. The smart homes of the 21st century is one that no one couldn’t have imagined. Yes, it brings on the latest technologies. Now, you don’t have to visit a theme park to see what the home of the future is like—you can live it. Here’s how to turn your new home into a smart home and take advantage of today’s most advanced home-based innovations.


Plug In

Just plugin the retrofit device and switch boards as per your requirement.


Setup using TekNinja App

Install the TekNinja App on your phone and just configure it.


Awesomeness Ready

Your home is smart now!! Just use the app or say Hey Google!!

Welcome To The World of Voice and Fingertip Controlled Devices

All your devices such as Lights, fans, Air conditioners, microwaves, Televisions, OTT boxes, geyser, and many more can be controlled through IoT based automation. If you’ve dreamed of living in the house of the Future, now is your time. TekNinja helps to transform your home into Smart homes Explore the options that make the most sense for your home, your budget, and your lifestyle, and start turning your home into a place that works both with you and for you in the pursuit of a more efficient life.

Voice control your devices

Switch on lights, reduce AC temperature and many more!!

Alexa, I am back home
Welcome Tarun, I've switched-on the main lights for you!

Alexa, hit the lights.

Tek Ninja smart outlets don’t just work for you, they work with the existing smart ecosystems you have in your home. Seamlessly connect to Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit with your iOS or Android device, no hub or subscription necessary.


Control TV channels

Now it's easy to switch the channels and view your favorite series. Be it an award winning series, or your favorite movie, Just say it and your device can tune it.

Get the Lastest news

Alexa, Latest updates on politics
Alexa, Give me flash briefing

Listen to Podcasts

Alexa, Play “Robert Mueller And The Iron Triangles”
Alexa, Set volume to 70%

Listen Radio On the Go

Alexa, Tune BBC Radio
Alexa, Change to channel 4

Alexa can read for you

Alexa, Read me harry potter chapter 5
Alexa, Set volume to 100%

It helps you everywhere.

It's just not your homes. TekNinja can transform offices, kitchens and your apartment complex into smart areas. Our team of experts can bring the right solutions for me.. just with a click, you can now transform your sweet home, office, bungalow or the apartment complex into smart area.




Stream your favorite shows

Alexa, Switch to Youtube
Alexa, Play Maroon 5

Stream your music

Alexa, Play Despacito
Alexa, Set volume to 100%

Music all over in your House

Alexa, Play party playlist
Alexa, Set volume to 100%

Alexa Remembers all your shopping items

Alexa, Add bread to shopping list
Alexa, what's on my shopping list

Our Customers Speak

When we have approached the Tekninja team, we were a little skeptical about whether we really needed a smart home solution. But, they explained the solution, we were simply blown away. It’s like.. they turned my home into a complete wi-fi home. I could now turn on my lights with my smartphone, talk to Alexa to get things done, and many more, no matter where I am. Thanks to team Tekninja!


We just finished building a new home and approach the Tekninja team. They used the retrofit switches without wasting any of my existing setups and converted my home into a smart home. They know their business extremely well and they deliver exactly what they say will deliver on time. The entire team is fantastic. I am sure they will add value to your homes as well!! 100% recommended team..


We are happy with the Tekninja home automation products & solutions. The overall experience right from sales response, deployment, and training was good.


We are working with Tekninja on our multiple large scale projects and we are happy with the right technology solutions provided by them and they are cost-effective. The solution provided by Tekninja is backed with the Professional Team who are accessible and provide a hassle-free after Sales Service & Support..


I would like to take the opportunity to thank Tekninja home automation team personally for their excellent work! I absolutely appreciate their team, the approach towards understanding my requirement and ensuring that the right solution is offered to me to fit the budget. Kudos to the team!.


Our Happy Customers

A smart home is a dream home! Imagine how convenient your life could become when you can order different appliances to do as you please? Smart Home Automation has made science fiction a reality and we were able to bring it to our customers. Here are a few of our customers.. those who love our automations!